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Welcome to LightGaugeSteelBuildings.com
Welcome to LightGaugeSteelBuildings.com, a site dedicated to the steel building industry, particularly to the light gauge discipline. The "rigid frame" boys have many web sites to play on but there has never been a robust, open resource for contractors, designers, or owners to gain knowledge and to share knowledge about light gauge steel.

LightGaugeSteelBuildings.com is set to change all that ... LightGaugeSteelBuildings.com will be a resource for all those involved in every aspect of the light gauge steel building industry.  Ours is a superior product whose time has come. The problem is a lack of enthuesiasm from the big players, who are cautious of moving too quickly away from their mainstream area of expertise and revenue source.

Light Gauge Steel Software
A review of the search terms which land internet users at LightGaugeSteelBuildings.com web site shows quite a bit of interest in software for light gauge steel buildings and cold-formed members.

Light gauge continues to gain acceptance, and so does the need for software to utilize cold-rolled members in building design and construction.

What is cold-formed steel
Cold-formed steel framing is sheet steel that is formed into shapes and sizes that are similar to what builders are accustomed to seeing in dimensional lumber.

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